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PTC Vuforia Studio

Create and publish AR experiences for manufacturing, service, and training processes.

Augmented reality for business is here!

Create and publish scalable AR experiences that transform manufacturing, service, and training processes without complex programming or expensive custom designs.

With Vuforia Studio, comprehensive 3D data and insights from the IoT can be used to create engaging AR experiences that help increase efficiency, create better products, and improve employee safety and productivity.

Studio is the only drag-and-drop creation environment that offers industry users the following capabilities:
  • Faster content creation: Leverage existing 3D CAD data and animated sequences.
  • Optimized enterprise scalability: Access and display experiences from a single app
  • Easily deliver insights: Leverage real-time data from IoT and business systems.

Bringing Mixed Reality to Life

Vuforia Studio makes Microsoft HoloLens usable for industrial companies and offers integrated support for gestures and voice commands.

Stakeholders across the enterprise can now create scalable mixed reality experiences on the fly to support sales with virtual product demonstrations, improve service or maintenance with hands-free work instructions, and optimize knowledge transfer with more effective training.

Accelerate Assisted Reality

Users can easily create scalable 2D user interactions with new or existing content such as assembly instructions, videos, and IoT data with Vuforia Studio without programming.

Out-of-the-box support for Realwear and Vuzix devices opens up new possibilities for worker productivity.

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